Do certain words ring in your ears throughout your life?  The words that stayed with me for a very long time were "suck it in" referring to my stomach.  I battled a weight issue throughout my childhood which carried over well into my adulthood.  I rode the roller coaster ride of various diets from starving myself, to eating only fat free foods to counting every last calorie - only to find any amount of weight I lost I gained back...  and then some.  

One day I finally realized my weight issue had more to do than just the food I was eating.  It was about my overall life.  In addition to my eating issues, I had life issues.  Who knew?  When I decided to start living my life instead of functioning in my life the focus on food became less and less.  With the focus turned on bigger and better things, I started losing weight and did so without feeling deprived. I was able to crowd out the bad foods by happily increasing the good foods.  I'm happy to say I lost the extra 40 pounds I carried around for years, dropped 5 sizes and have been able to keep it off with very little effort.  I've run 5 marathons, gotten certified in scuba diving, resumed skiing, started hiking, learned how to sail,  became a bee keeper, planted a garden (for my very own fresh veggies!) and adopted anything else that has kept me moving and enjoying the outdoors!  

It was great to lose the weight, but even better, I gained control of my life, became physically and emotionally healthy and really started living!  I found happiness in me! 

At the age of 41, I became a mother and managed to successfully take on my motherhood role along with being a wife and business owner.  With the support of family and good friends, I was able to change my life into something whole and wonderful.  Now I want to pay it forward...   I decided to embark on this journey as a holistic health practitioner so I can share my story with others and help them start living their "whole" lives too!  With the right support and encouragement everyone can reach their life and nutritional goals!  I hope you will let me help you be the "whole" you, you want to be…  

Meet Jessica