GROUP GAB:  Wellness workshops of virtually any holistic wellness topic - weight loss, whole food nutrition, essential oils, natural beauty and baby products - and many more!  These can be done for your own group (girls night out, work socials, moms groups - to name a few) or you can join one of ours.  Just send an email to and we will keep you informed of upcoming workshops.  

REIKI HEALING:  Reiki is a healing modality which supports our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies for overall wellness, personal growth and optimum health.  Your session is administered by the laying on of hands to unblock energy flows.  You can look forward to relieving stress and anxiety which if prolonged may be affecting your overall wellness.  

SAILING SENSATIONS:  Sail into the sunset with us and enjoy the calming effects of the gentle breeze while gaining more insight on your overall wellness goals.  Passengers will have the opportunity to learn about health and wellness as the boat makes its way through popular Chesapeake Bay ports.  During this cruise you will dine from a health conscious menu and you'll even have the chance to learn healthy cooking tips. Refresh your mind, body and spirit!


HABIT HELP:  For a period of one week, you will record what you eat and when you eat it as well as any physical and emotional observations you observe before and after meal times.  After the 7 day period, I will do a detailed review of your food journal, indicating what you should continue, what you should change and how to make any necessary adjustments to achieve the results you are seeking. 

PANTRY PURGE:  Send me a list of items in your pantry and refrigerator.  I will analyze and make suggestions for healthier substitutions.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:  Send me a list of items used as part of your daily beauty and hygiene regime.  I will analyze and provide holistic options so to reduce the amount of "beastly" toxins introduced to your body on a daily basis. 

RECIPE REVISIONS:  Send me your favorite recipes and I will create a healthier, yet delicious version.  Did you know mashed potatoes can be healthy AND delicious?

GROCERY STORE NAVIGATOR:  Do you ever wonder what to buy at the grocery store?  Learn more about organic produce, grains, natural sweeteners and more!  I may not be able to be with you for every meal but I can help you be more prepared to create delicious meals to nourish yourself and your family.