Holistic Health & Wellness Advocates

​Those sharing in a mutual mission of providing solutions for natural health and wellness. Ingredients For Wellness proudly and confidently endorses those listed below.  We only affirm business we have tried and know to be true to our mutual mission!  We receive no financial gain from promoting these advocates...  we simply want to do what is right, share information and help others achieve their health & wellness goals holistically! 

Knots in Knead Massage Therapy - Red Hill, PA  --  www.knotsinknead.net
​Knots in Knead's mission is to improve your quality of life through the healing power of massage therapy. Jessica Rohl, LMT, customizes your session to meet your unique needs to restore balance and bring healing to your body in a calming and safe environment, through the verbal communication and what the body of the client communicates to her.  Her passion in helping others is evident and her skills are superior in the industry!  

Focused Massage Therapies, LLC  --  Pennsburg, PA    --  www.fmt.care/
Whether looking for specific help to relieve headaches, preventing muscles spasms to alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia and other ailments or simply wanting to receive a stress relieving relaxing massage, Focused Massage Therapies can help!  Cassandra Hill, LMT, founder of Focused Massage Therapies, is truly passionate about helping others achieve the health and wellness goals for which they are searching.  

Pretty Mama Breastfeeding, LLC  --  New Jersey  --  www.prettymb.com
After fighting her own battle with breast feeding, Liz Chang, founder of Pretty Mama Breastfeeding has made it her mission to help others achieve their goals of naturally nourishing their babies.  I personally know Liz from our mothers' breastfeeding group and can attest to the wonderful, caring nature of her approach in helping new mommies.  Her knowledge, understanding and compassion are comforting in what can be a scary, uncertain time in a new mommy's life.  

VHR, Worldwide  --  New York  --  www.vhrww.com
Taking a vacation can be one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life...  and reducing stress is an important part of good, holistic health!  HOWEVER, often times, planning the vacation can lead to huge amounts of stress and anxiety.  VHR Worldwide has done all of the homework for you.  They offer the most comprehensive collection of estates, villas, private islands, apartments and condominiums throughout The Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico and USA.  I personally know the owner of VHR.  Her years of experience and wealth of knowledge allow her to go above and beyond expectation!  Give VHR a chance to make your vacation amazing and remove the stress of planning it!